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Rational Theology of Judaism

The Rational Theology of Judaism researches the different concepts of God in different epochs of the Jewish history. The goal is to develop a modern Jewish world view which integrates the concepts for God, human and the world into one.

The medieval world view was based upon the ideas of Aristotle and Plato.  We build the new Jewish world view upon the achievements and knowledge of modern science. This is the philosophy of Moses Maimonides (רמב"ם) adopted to our modern times. The Rational Theology is based upon the Paradigmatics.


Paradigmatics is the scientific base for a lot of our work. Paradigms are a generalization of concepts and model not only structures but also processes. We differentiate between three different kinds of processes:

  1. synchronous processes preserve existing structures
  2. diachronic processes create new structures
  3. synagonic processes integrate new structures into existing structures
Paradigmatics allows us to model the entire world or parts of it in a new integrated way which provides new insights into the relation of things.

Mental Education

In many societies the religious and political education strives to enslave the individual by providing simple answers to complex questions. The result of this education is a one-dimensional world view, a subaltern mindset and a total lack of independence. The former Soviet Union is a prime example of this scenario.

The ability to make decisions about one self is the base of every mental education. Its purpose is to enable an individual to orientate himself in our complex world, take informed decisions and be responsible for his actions.