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Schlomo SchapiroDear Visitor,

on these pages you can find some of my work past and present which I found worthy to be published.

I am always happy to know if somebody finds my work useful or can profit from my previous efforts. I am equally thankful about any comment on the stuff you find here. You can contact me via email to webmaster @ 

I am always looking for interesting projects and offers. Take a look at my my BLOG and GitHub profile and at my TwitterLinkedIn, and XING profiles. My publications and talks also reflect a lot of my work, there are also some videos available. A formal CV is available upon request. For commercial support for my Open Source projects please go to Schlomo Schapiro Open-Source Consulting.

Currently I am working at Deutsche Bahn (DB Systel GmbH) as Chief Architect in the CTO team.

This homepage serves as a link center to my Open Source projects and other publications. Most current affairs or news you will now find on my BLOG and on my Twitter and Google+ streams.

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Immobilien Scout GmbH (my former employer) made a movie about what I am doing at work (in German):

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