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If you find another video or sound track on the Internet I would appreciate if you would let me know.

Viele Server - Wenig Arbeit: Betriebsautomation bei ImmobilienScout24 Schlomo Schapiro  (German)

Sponsoring von Open Source - und damit den Chef überzeugen (German)

Data Center Automation with YADT (English)

Relax and Recover: Disaster Recovery for UEFI Systems (English)

Configuration Management and Linux Packages (English)

Practical DevOps (German)

ImmobilienScout24 employee portrait (German)

Finding a New Home (IT-Slam)

Interview with O'Reilly radar about our continuous delivery platform (podcast)

Talk: DevOps mal ganz praktisch, November 2011, Berlin (Talk about "Practical DevOps")
(My part starts at 06:14, before is general intruductions. The talk is in German)

Interview at Velocity Conference, June 2011, Santa Clara
Announcing the first Velocity Europe in Berlin in November 2011

Interview at LinuxTag 2007, Berlin
Linux beim Bundesinnenministerium zur Fußball-WM 2006
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